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Need help with digital marketing strategy? Are you looking to invest to create brand presence in your marketplace? Does Facebook make you fret and Twitter get you in a tangle? You may be a start-up that needs brand identity, or a well established company that needs a new, responsive website.  Maybe there’s something to say to the press, or a new logo to give your business a clean, fresh image update. SHC provides the planning and support you need to create an integrated marketing strategy for your company.


What comes to mind when your customer hears your name or sees your logo?  That image is your brand. Defining and strengthening it is a strategic process which should be aligned across all facets of your business. Through proven brand analysis systems, we work with you to create the promises, experiences, identity and recognition to build reputation and customer loyalty.

Social Media

Knowing where you need to be present online, and managing the time for customer engagement can be overwhelming.  Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn may be key channels for your message. SHC creates social media profiles on only the necessary platforms, and maximize your visibility through a strategic campaign which matches your business needs.

Public Relations

With the right hooks and angles, brands can be newsworthy.  SHC identifies potential press and social media platforms for your product or business.  We can help you with an integrated public relations strategy to include distribution and analysis, or a simple guide to help you on your way. Working with PR Newswire and proven social media strategists, SHC ensures the most targeted reach with critical follow-up analysis for your product or service.

Web Design

Your website is the visual side of your brand identity.  It needs to look great with careful attention to User Experience (UX) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Your website should make it easy for your customer to complete a sale or contact you for a service.  At SHC, the goal is to create a professional site to match your budget, provide the best framework, content and design to keep your customers engaged and returning to your site.



1506, 2016

The Diary of a Career Shifter

By |June 15th, 2016|Careers|

There’s a lot written today about what’s becoming a new norm – a natural progression of career change through our lives. In my early career days, shifting careers was perceived as drifting – “can’t make up your mind, has commitment issues.”  Today, it can depict flexibility and the ability to embrace change not in spite of life changes, […]

103, 2016

The Branding of Tea

By |March 1st, 2016|Branding|

I’ve always been fascinated about how the art of branding can alter our otherwise logical rationale about a product or service. Take the beverage industry for example, we know that Coca-Cola is not a healthy drink. High sugar intake, whatever its form, leads to weight gain, high blood pressure and possibly diabetes. So if we like the taste of Coke, […]